This is my listening face. 

For the big stuff; I’m represented by Jessica Papin at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. 

You can also contact me through the form below.

5 thoughts on “Contact

      • Oh no, my hair is a mess. It looks good in photos but I got so fed up of trying to get the knots out the other day I cut the ends off with a super dull pair of kitchen scissors while in the shower. Haha


  1. He recibido noticias de su libro, y estaría interesada en conseguirlo.
    ¿Dónde podría conseguir este libro, unmentionable, en español?



  2. Unmentionable was the type reading that knocked you back on your ass. It opened my eyes to the extent women were forced to go to in order to survive. Ridiculous! I
    Loved reading every word you wrote of the pomposity of the male figure and the stupidity that consumed the female. Thank God for women like Stanton who helped others up from their knees to stand beside a man as partner and equal. Why would anyone believe masturbation and sex would make you candidate for a strait jacket? Seems more like the reverse should be true!


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