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“You haven’t posted in such a long time. I had to call to make sure you were all right. You told me I was to keep you grounded!” Sara went to boarding school with me 20 years ago. She had a tough time of it. Like me, she was chubby, confused by fashion, and in…


I took pot.

” I was asking for the relief from living that the drug supposedly gave, with none of the greasy memories I tied to it still attached.”

L0078141 Plate VII. Anatomy of the female reproductive organs.
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Plate VII. Anatomy of the female reproductive organs. 

Fig. 1. Relation of the muscular floor of the pelvis to the bladder, vagina, rectum and coccyx. 

Fig. 2. Relation of the muscular floor of the pelvis to the presentation at the last stage of parturition.

Fig. 3. Vesico-vaginal septum and base of female bladder - anatomical relations of uterus at the their entrance into the bladder. Contents of alar ligament. 

Fig. 4. Upper half of vagina and vaginal surface of the vesico-vaginal septum, full size. 

Fig. 5. Distribution of the vessels (of the veins chiefly) of the uterine body, taken from a corroded preparation.
1876 The surgery, surgical pathology and surgical anatomy of the female pelvic organs : in a series of colored plates taken from nature with commentaries, notes and cases /
Henry Savage
Published: 1876.

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Team Therese’s Olde-Time Vaginas

  String together some rocks, not stones. Not semi-precious tumbled and shining. Just gray hard rocks, fist sized. Then knot that string. Then swallow it. And you will feel like I did staring at my cell phone, waiting for it to ring. I have something akin to a “team” now. Team Therese. Or rather, Team…