Because It’s not MINE Anymore

“You haven’t posted in such a long time. I had to call to make sure you were all right. You told me I was to keep you grounded!” Sara went to boarding school with me 20 years ago. She had a tough time of it. Like me, she was chubby, confused by fashion, and in…

I took pot.

” I was asking for the relief from living that the drug supposedly gave, with none of the greasy memories I tied to it still attached.”

Team Therese’s Olde-Time Vaginas

  String together some rocks, not stones. Not semi-precious tumbled and shining. Just gray hard rocks, fist sized. Then knot that string. Then swallow it. And you will feel like I did staring at my cell phone, waiting for it to ring. I have something akin to a “team” now. Team Therese. Or rather, Team…

oh my baybee

I put him to bed tonight. I tried to tickle, hug, sing, play. Slow, gentle; I know not to smother or overwhelm him. Interspersed between each new attempt was the constant refrain, near tears, “Get out! Get Out! Get Out!” pointing at the door.