And by their works you shall know them

Tomorrow is Monday. I got nothing scheduled tomorrow. So I can spend one more day trying to sleep off this cold. I’ll watch Supernatural on Netflix and Adventure Time on Hulu, the two shows I’ve chosento see me through this month. When I’m uncomfortable, I like to watch shows so removed from reality that I…

First interview

It Was Only a Coupla Flipper Babies

The first thing I said to the first person to ever interview me on national (Canadian) radio regarding my book was in response to “How are you this morning?” “Certainly not so nervous that I’m gonna vomit! HAA!” My husband Gus calls these my “flipper baby” moments, in reference to a unfortunate bit of miscommunication…

me happy arcs

Because It’s not MINE Anymore

“You haven’t posted in such a long time. I had to call to make sure you were all right. You told me I was to keep you grounded!” Sara went to boarding school with me 20 years ago. She had a tough time of it. Like me, she was chubby, confused by fashion, and in…


I took pot.

” I was asking for the relief from living that the drug supposedly gave, with none of the greasy memories I tied to it still attached.”