It seemed to me the logical progression, once you’d established yourself as a woman in Victorian times, would be to have some babies and make them perfect. So I wrote a book about how you would do that.

Spoiler: You are NOT gonna do that. But I give you some great details as to how they tried:

  • What mood, position, and continent to be on when you try to conceive, and how to help the healthy sperm (the BOY sperm) make it to your egg first!
  • Healthy Amusements For Kids vs. Those Which are Satan Disguised in a Raiment of Light and Pleasure.
  • Fun Ways to Prepare Sons for World Dominion as is Their Birthright!
  • Should my Daughter Read? How Math + Menstruation = Death.
  • Feeding Children: Picky Eaters are God’s Way of Culling the Herd.
  • Discipline: ……ehh…was…..really awful.
  • Medicine:….was worse, actually. I’m not saying cyanide isn’t effective but it’s really hard to get the dose right.

But rest assured, even when horrific, Ungovernable is delightful.

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