Therese SPEAKS

An Evening with Therese: Clean Talk about Filthy, Filthy Things!


Me (tiny head at table) speaking at Salem Public Library, Salem Oregon.

Years of digging into the hidden corners of history has filled my brain with a staggering  amount of fascinating, unsettling, and remarkably hilarious information. I compiled a lot of that history into the New York Times Bestselling books Unmentionable and Ungovernable and would be honored to share some of those secrets and oddities with you or your function attendees.

My Presentation Topics Include but are NOT Limited To:


I even have my own screen and projector. I don’t know how they work! But I got ’em! (Salem Book Bin, Salem Oregon)

-How Child Abuse Was Invented by One Perfect Little Girl

-Health: How Much Poison and Hard Liquor is Right for YOUR Victorian Child

-Making Boys Into Men the Fun Way: Street Brawling and Organized Fagging

– Menstruation and Math: The History of Organized Education for Girls

-Best Forgotten Hygiene: How a Lady Dealt with the Dirty Stuff 

-How to be a True Wife: (Stop talking. Just Stop Talking) 

-Sex for the Victorian Woman: The Sweet Exploding Virgin

-Hysteria: The Least Funny Thing about the 19th Century 

-Beauty and Health for the Victorian Woman : Arsenic, Lead and so much Whiskey 

-The History of Birth Control and other Affronts to God 


Even with pneumonia, I do have a certain sparkle. (at Western Oregon University). 

Presentations can be tailored to fit your audience (school-children, book clubs, writer’s groups, historical reenactments, and feminist outreach) and to focus on your corner of history (Oregon Trail, Fashion, Science, Social Politics).

What A Presentation IS

Not a lecture. Not a reading. Not a slideshow. I include all that, but I know there needs to be so much more to bring these delicious bits of history to life.  When appropriate, I bring hands-on artifacts for your audience, from the hard wood and leather of 19th century walking shoes to the hardtack packed by a pioneer family.

All presentations include a slide show of unique images (I can try to describe 19th century menstrual belts til my throat is dry, but it will be the picture that will make your face screw up in disbelief), a funny and informative reading, open Q&A, and book signing.

What a Presentation Costs

Costs can vary due to many factors; particularly travel and the time involved in personalizing the presentation to your needs. I’m represented by the Hachette Speaker’s Bureau, so those awesome folks are who you’ll want to talk to about a booking.