I’m WRY you dillhole!


“I really didn’t appreciate the author’s snarky tone.”

“I could have done without the snark.”

“I don’t see why the author felt it was necessary to have a snarky attitude about this subject.”

I am going to throw a drink in the face of the next person who uses the word “snark” in connection with my name. I’m not snarky, you dillholes! I’m wry! (The only difference being whether or not you agree with me).

The dumb thing is, the most recent commenter to accuse me of snark, (and honey that was NOT snark. I can show you snark) was commenting on a successful article. Last I looked it was going up about five Facebook shares a minute. Meaning hundreds of people like it. A fact I’m dwelling on less than the fact three people (she got two upvotes!) think I’m too sour when I write. Well that’s silly. Snap out of it.

I see no humor in this.

If I wrote voiceless no one would complain. If I just laid out the information, encyclopedia style. No one ever complains, “I find the author’s tone too informative.”  “I could really do without the basic sentence structure containing undisputed fact.”

But then I’d get about as many readers as an encyclopedia. Which is lots, yeah, but not many people do it for pleasure. Some do. They’re just awful. Was that snarky?



9 thoughts on “I’m WRY you dillhole!

  1. Some people seem to seek the opportunity to be offended as often as possible. I wonder why that should be? It must be stressful to go around reading insults into everything people say and do (or write). Whatever. Not your problem. Carry on being wry, please. 🙂


    • Seriously the one difference between snark and wry is whether or not you agree with the speaker. If you do=wry. Don’t =snark.


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