Therese Wrote a Book

And anyone who wants to sign up for a copy can now, cuz Amazon.  They won’t get it til November. But neither will they suffer when the book sells out the first day.

I don’t know if that happens. But it might, don’t take chances with important matters.


The mother of my child hood friend, a deeply Christian, old-fashion values lady, private messaged me on Facebook after I put up my book’s listing.

“Honey I need to ask you how scandalous is this book? will I be able to read it ? will I be fire engine red all the way through the book?”

I’m glad she asked.

I could never write a book that would alienate all the old-school proper ladies I’ve known and loved in my life. (Their husbands….totally. Old school husbands will regard this book as a troublesome curiosity and then probably go out of their way to avoid it, bless their hearts.) This book, as I told her, doesn’t have a single swear word or anything crass. In fact this book is dedicated to the eradication of crass.

It’s merely cheeky. I am quite cheeky. I purposefully set out to write a book that would appeal to a 22 year old radical feminist lesbian AND her 80 year old Mormon Grandma. And I think I did.

All right there is one part where I describe, at length, why I would not urinate on Harvey Kellogg even if he were on fire, but I believe after reading the book neither would you.

No, I told her. It’s not a dirty book. It’s a “just between us girls” book.

Providing us girls are smart and like busting up in laughter. And we do.

3 thoughts on “Therese Wrote a Book

    • Those are some eye catching covers she made. But…I like mine. It wasn’t the first version. They worked hard on it, simple as it is, and I think it will get the job done. Plus, I don’t think they were going to shell out for an outside designer for a first book.


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