My 9yr old could draw that, and it ROCKS


And now, You’re Doing it Wrong Studios and Gallery is proud to present The Artist Known as LE, in her First International Exhibition:

Simpsbloom Time.

Some of the subject might be challenging to the viewer, but we at YDIW believe true art can do no less to honor it’s audience.

LEs ralph

The choice of yellowed old newsprint paper was a bold choice for the piece, entitled, “Ralph.” But rather than convoluting or muffling the stringent yellows of the subject’s flesh, it served to only to highlight the confusion and disorientation the boy obviously endures.

LEs lsp

“Lumpy Space Princess” captures its subject in a rare moment of indecision. If one looks carefully, the word, “oh” is barely visible among the swirls of the Princess’s lumps. Undoubtedly the beginning of her familiar declaration of “Oh my GLOB…” yet the artist purposefully left the phrase absent, thereby allowing us, for just a moment, to see the fragility this ferocious child of Lumpy Space takes constant care to conceal.

LE's lemongrab

And now one of the more challenging images of the exhibition. The subject, “Lemongrab,” addresses the view directly, and he is displeased. We don’t know what we’ve done to incur his wrath, and one rather imagines the artist was trying to communicate that very same nebulous terror that Lemongrab’s subjects endured, serving under his biting regime.

LEs ice king

Contrast that to the relationship referred to between “The Ice King,” and his unapologetic minion “Gunter.” There is no oppression in Gunter’s expression of body position, in fact a continuation of the line of his orange nose would impale directly into his master’s icy heart. Who really holds the power in this dynamic?

LEs tree trunks

Now we come to “Tree Trunk’s Dance of Seduction,” by far the most experimental and erotic of the artist’s offerings. Note the Picasso-esque shaping of the elephant’s once facing and to the side of the viewer. We are forced to contend with the outrageous sexuality of an unlikely source, a small yellow elephant with a Texas-Gramma accent and an affinity for pie baking. But that’s not all she is, and the artist dares you to acknowledge it.

LEs opus

And now my personal favorite among LE’s interpretations. Here is the ancient “Opus: Prende un bain Interrompu.” The original, created by Breathed, is the artistic standard in the penguin-as-human-vulnerability school of art. But I believe our artist has a fresh take on the classic mythos, to be interpreted by the individual viewer. 


Thank you for attending tonight’s presentation. The artist, herself a living performance piece, is so grateful to have been able to share the scribbles and daubs of her interior life with you. Good night.

LE vamp

The Artist.



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