How bout Pastyflabbyneck?


Sharecropping family, colorized, 1935. Also known as Rednecks.


“Redneck.” My daughter asked me what it meant. I’d never been asked that before. And I’d never known the answer til I said it.

“It’s a derogatory slur for the poor and working class.”

It’s a word for someone who likes different music than you do. It’s a word for people who couldn’t or didn’t go to college. It’s a word for people who like Bible quotes as much as poetry. It’s a word for people who didn’t get to stay inside during Quarantine. It’s a word people use to make themselves feel superior.

Those necks got red from bending over outdoor labor to put food in their bellies, don’t forget it.


How necks get red. By making our food. 

Now, “hipster,” that’s still an acceptable insult. Squick. All those poser-dorks can go pound salt.

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