I don’t like summer. But I love Instagram Takeovers.


Instagram Takeover Part…like…the Fifth? tomorrow my friends! Theme: “What I did on my Summer Vacation.” Where I get to shower social media with a mixture of child-labor, chubby babes in sexy swimsuits that reach their ankles and wrists, a couple private pics of my own, and all things weird and summer-y. Cuz the secret…I really frickin’ hate summer. But I’ve found some bright spots. Come see tomorrow, August First, just search for Little, Brown on Instagram.


intro pic


Preview Just for my bloggies:

Lawn Sprinklers, Keep off the Grass, In the Good Old Summer Time

Lawn Sprinklers. Naughty Postcard from Card Cow. Ah…tasteless humor knows now century, god bless us.

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